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Posted: June 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Do as the headline suggests and check out below where you will find previews (click on to read more) of my most recent posts about music that has tickled my fancy so to speak. After you have no doubt enjoyed my post indulge me by liking, commenting, and following as you please. In the immortal words of Mrs Doyle ahhh go on, go on, go on



Hello, so yeah I’ve been a bit slack at all this, been distracted by going on holiday and then the World Cup but then in the last week or so a number of bands with members that are friends / acquaintances of mine have released some amazing new songs / videos, so I thought that it’s only right I give em a mention.

First up, Stunning and Striking both visually and musically The Courtesans, on Wednesday they premiered their debut video from the album 1917 Genius is melodic but heavy with some sweet harmonies complimenting the sultry vocals. Album is available digitally with the physical release to come soon, get it here at PledgeMusic along with plenty of other goodies also to be found here


Next up Eat The Evidence, I’ve known brothers Tom and Jack from the days of parties at Rooz Studios and the various bands that arose from there, The Krak, Spitfire, The Royal Mugs but now they have teamed up to bless us with some glorious Reggae Hip Hop sounds, one thing that always struck me about their musical ventures is just how catchy a song they can produce and they do not disappoint here, and well the video well just watch it, I couldn’t explain it if I tried …

Catch Them at their next gig on July 18th at The Camden Barfly

Download 2 tracks for free @


I also met George from Storms at Rooz, watching him in a number of different bands, I’ve always been impressed with his various guises but this time it looks like the big time beckons, amongst the many new fans gained from the music press has been The NME who had them featured in a bands to watch article and I was delighted to see them there. This tune is a massive slab of anthemic 90’s grunge which wouldn’t look out of place next to The Smashing Pumpkins and it’s backed up with a psychedelic video that has as many iconic images you can digest in just over 4mins.


Last but not least I’ve known Rev the lead guitarist of The Howling since his days tearing it up with The Towers of London and there’s no doubt he’s one of the most talented guitarists I’ve ever witnessed. A string of sold out shows, friends of Noel Fielding and Kasabian who they’ve supported and tunes like this debut single from upcoming album (The Big Smoke and Mirrors) are all pointers to a big success waiting to happen.

Yesterday I finally had a long overdue listen to Scottish 6 Piece The Merrylees, I’d seen their name crop up in the music press and recall a friend of mine mentioning how good they were when she saw them support Babyshambles last year but so far my ears had yet to be treated to their sounds.  Described as Psychedelic Western Pop on their own Facebook Page I’m already intrigued, further investigations find they have a new single released today (2nd June 2014) produced by Richard Hawley which you can see and hear below. Read the rest of this entry »

With around 6.5 weeks to go til the return of The Libertines at their massive Hyde Park show , you think that maybe most bands would be focusing and preparing on that, but of course this is The Libertines we are talking about and conventional they are not.

Here is an update on what The Boys In The Band are currently doing outside of The Libertines.

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In my previous post, I mentioned watching some live performances on KEXP, one of the bands I saw was The Orwells, I’d read bits and pieces about them in the NME but hadn’t actually heard them until then. I must say I was impressed with their instantly catchy garage rock tunes, and equally impressed with their confident live performance. During the interview they discuss an eventful time on the David Letterman Show, where the house band had to play their encore for them due to a broken guitar string which you can see here. Read the rest of this entry »